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What is QR Code?

A QR code is a machine-readable optical barcode. In which information related to a particular item is attached. This information can be in the form of “Hypertext”. Which is read by the barcode reader.

The full name of the QR Code is Quick Response Code. And it is faster readable than standard UPC barcode and has more memory capacity. For this reason, it is more popular than other barcodes and is used worldwide.

In this barcode reader, the data of any Locator (URLs), Identifier (Person), and Tracker (a type of code) is hidden. Which opens any website or mobile application.

Only standard code elements are used to encode the information in the QR Code. These standard elements include Numbers (1,2,3…), Alphanumeric (a,b,c,4,6, #, $…), Byte/Binary, and Kanji (Chinese writing characters used in Japan). are included.

What is QR Generator?

QR Code Generator is online tool software. which converts online text to Qr Code. You can easily convert any text, data, phone number, etc. to Qr Code. You Can use Our QR Generator Tool to Convert any text, data, phone number, etc. to QR Code.

How to Use QR Code Generator?

This Site is very simple and easy to use. You can simply convert any text to QR Code. Simply Paste your text in Text Area and click on Generate. Within a second your Text has been Converted to Qr Code.

How to Download QR Code in Mobile & Pc?

After converting Text to QR Code you can Easily Download Qr Code. If you are using Pc Then Right Click on QR Code and Click "Save Image As" and your QR COde has Been Saved. If you are on mobile. Then Tap & Hold on QR Code. Then click on Download Image. Your QR Code has been Saved on your Mobile.

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